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Our baby brand is
now with Stanza Living!

Sunny Garg and Shailfali Jain started with YourShell of 145 beds, and now they’re residing in the hearts of thousands of college students!

Started as early as the age of 18, they’ve always aimed at giving back to the student community.

They erred, they expanded, and they made it to transforming multiple student lives through their accomodation platform and other ventures!

They’re student coaches funding student startups now! Using their limitless network, they have now created AE circle!

Our Acquisition is Airing!

Your Shell is changing the way of living.

AE Circle is the
Oracle for successful startups!

They invest in start-ups, especially ideated by students.

 But does their job end with giving the finances? Nah! They fully furnish your startup with the  legal, accounting, PR, Digital Marketing, and other technological assistance.

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